Hi, my name is

Rahul S.

I am a Competitive Programmer, Developer and an Artist.

I am a 3rd year Bachelor's student in Artificial Intelligence at Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad who likes Data structures, Algorithms and building things for the web.

About Me

Hello! I'm Rahul, a 20 year-old programmer from Mysore, India. I love competitive programming. I see it as an E-sport like online chess and give contests on a regular basis. I am rated 2265(6 star) on Codechef and a Candidate Master on Codeforces.

My profiles:

Codechef Codeforces

Though I may be new to front-end development, I like to imagine useful interaction and develop rich web experiences.

Also, being an AI junior at IIT Hyderabad, I do have good knowledge in Machine Learning and Deep Learning subjects.

My Skill Set

General Skills

1. Data Structutres & Algorithms
2. Machine Learning
3. Front End development (basic)

These are some of the Technologies/Programming languages I worked with.






Others include Java, ReactJS(basic), Git, Latex, etc.



Google Codejam Round 1C, 2021 : National rank 10 & Global rank 211.

Google Kickstart, 2021 : Global rank 907 in Round A & 1076 in Round C.

(10000+ participants in all of them)


Long Challenges, Division 1:

May 2021: Global rank 1 (Unrated).

June 2020: Global rank 64 & National rank 20 .

July 2020: Global rank 58 & National rank 21 .

September 2020: Global rank 54 & National rank 25 .


Glogab rank 100 of 16000+ participants in Codeforces Round #722 (Div. 2)


Received KVPY fellowship Award in 2018(SA)


Qualified for Indian National Mathematics Olympiad, 2017-18

NTSE Scholar

Secured a position among top 1000 students across the nation, 2017


Drowsiness Detection

A driver drowsiness detector using OpenCV, Python and computer vision techniques.

Get In Touch

Contact: +91 81979 62037

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